Thursday, December 23, 2010

Almost here

Wow I haven't posted since Monday. Can not believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Looks like my plans will remain the same...staying home on Christmas. Especially since the potential is there for snowfall in our area. A white Christmas is possible...ugh great.

Oh yeah more great news...I twisted my ankle. Yep the one I broke last year. Great freaking great.

Guess what I'm not getting for Christmas....diapers, formula, pacifiers, blankets, cute outfits, toys, baby powder and oh last but not least, A BABY!! That's right no baby for me. He or she could technically be here already but nope, not for me. Yeah while everyone is opening gifts and carrying on with Christmas traditions, I will be sitting here with my dogs (thank goodness for them), staring at the room that would be the nursery. It is still a bedroom with green paint which should be blue?, a bed which should be a crib, my old dresser from when I was a kid which should be a changing table. No baby things in this house, nothing, nada, zilcho. And why is that? Oh yeah, that's right, I lost my child. So on that note, Merry Effing Christmas.

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