Friday, December 10, 2010

Great Interviews

This video is an interview from The View with Bill and Giuliana Rancic and they are talking about their miscarriage.

This video is an interview with Lisa Ling formerly of The View talking about her recent loss and apparently was around the same time as mine.

It's great to hear others becoming more vocal about this subject, especially those that are in the "spotlight." It's an absolutely horrific thing to have to go through and I think people do need to talk about it. Acknowledgment is a big part of it. If society could just learn to acknowledge that this happens a lot and stop making it such a taboo subject. It just gets ignored and I think a large part is because there was not physical child with a miscarriage. I mean think there was but it wasn't born and that's the issue. It's just so sad that with all of the openness about gay issues, interracial relationships and many taboo subjects, miscarriage and baby loss in general is just not talked about. It literally is an underground group of women who feel pain and sorrow, but have no one to talk to. Sad very sad.

Great videos!

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