Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I am supposed to be a mom now, but I'm not. Instead I am sitting in my room alone. There are a few folks who actually remembered what today is...I kind of had an inside bet as to who would call, etc. and here are the results:


Text and Phone:

In person:
Everyone from work..well the girls at least (especially "ninja")


That about sums it up. Seriously that's all. I'm a little shocked but not surprised.

My balloon release (by myself) was really nice. I'm going to post pictures tomorrow. I emailed two adoption agencies yesterday, one contacted me today (thanks Aunt Debbie). I've not made a decision just want information.

Today is almost over. Just as I anticipated, just another day for most other than those I mentioned. Anna Grace Simpson (yeap that's the girls name I decided on) or Robert Franklin Simpson V (there's the boy name) are extremely missed.

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