Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stop saying that!!! Julie's Top Ten!

I have heard so much much crap recently. I'm so done. Top things Julie has heard about her miscarriage:

1. You need to move forward

2. I don't get it

3. Something was wrong with your baby and you need to accept it

4. I'm tired of seeing you cry

5. You are crazy and sick

6. Don't talk to your family anymore, because they don't understand

7. Things happen for a reason

8. Stop reading sob stories and message boards and volunteer at a hospital or with a civic group.

9. Your baby is in a better place.

10. Be happy again

Seriously people?!?!? Number 6 is the worst for me!! My family is supposed to listen to me, but they have no freaking clue. Why does my family continue to hurt my feelings?

I have seriously got to get this medicine adjusted!! It's not f***king working!!!

On a positive notice, I want to give a shout out to Tiffany at http://namesonthesidewalk.blogspot.com/ I requested my baby's name on the sidewalk.

Why is there not a nursery in my house? I really don't want to be here anymore. Isn't this just a dream?

NEGATIVE THOUGHTS: I hate that I couldn't carry my child. Life isn't worth living. Confused, extremely depressed. Tired of faking.

POSITIVE THOUGHTS: Got some cool nailpolish. Starbucks..mmmmm. Almost done with the week!!

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  1. the unfortunate thing is that a lot of "in real life" friends and family will never understand unless they have experienced a loss.

    the fortunate thing is that a lot of "not in real life" friends and family WILL understand.

    our club sucks ass, but here you will find kindred spirits.

    and things WILL get better...embrace your new normal, accept what you cannot change, and (most importantly) stop blaming yourself.

    take care of YOU, dearest. i find writing to be a wonderfully cathartic thing...but whatever makes julie feel good? fucking do it.

    hugs and sloppy happy:)