Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday, November 14

Today was pretty good actually! Yay finally! Slept late! It was nice. Sasha my little dog actually slept too which NEVER happens. Went to Ruby Tuesday's with my husband and it was really good. I got a free burger (which I probably will regret later but hopefully not) and brought home a blondie which is still in the kitchen. Came home took a nap, washed some clothes and then headed to mom's for dinner. It was so good! Actually had a nice time. I miss my mom, I need to see her more. We don't always agree on everything especially my recovery but she probably has been the most supportive. Now I'm home waiting for Walking Dead to come on. I wish it didn't come on so late, but it's a good show.

I hope it's a good week at work. I'm off to Charlotte in a couple of weeks for a seminar and to see my friend. I hope time goes by fast. I hope Christmas goes by fast. If anyone gets me anything I think I am going to take it back. I don't want anything.

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