Sunday, November 21, 2010


No post for a few days, I was taking a break. I haven't been sleeping and am so tired. Today is day 2 of no Zoloft. I have got to get this script filled. I can already tell a difference. Yikes! Getting scary. I bit 3 nails in the quick and tore a huge chunk of skin off my finger yesterday. I'm regretting it because it burns and hurts. It's anxiety big time.

I spent last night with mom. It was nice! I'm such a good faker. Everybody thinks everything is fine but it's not. I fake so I can keep on moving on.

Ahhh Thanksgiving is coming up. I am not thankful at all. Is everyone surprised by that? I am thankful for my friends.

The weekend has been okay. Lots of sleeping. That's about all I do is sleep. It makes time go by faster which I like. I did some baking tonight which helps but then I get so tired and ill. I'm so ready to go to bed but I am trying to stay awake to watch the Walking Dead with Robert. I like that show and enjoy watching it with him. Maybe I relate because I feel like a zombie.

I love Amazon! I am about to order several books on miscarriage and baby loss. That's all I want to read about now. It's all I can relate too. We are supposed to go to Myrtle Beach Thursday, but I don't want too. I want to stay home with my dogs.

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